Generations defined …

We have all heard of different generations … but who is among Gen Y? or Gen X?

Here is a list of the Name of the Generations … simply look for the year you were born and you can see which Generation you fall in.

The name of the generation may be slightly different, and may have slightly different years for inclusion:

  • Population Reference Bureau provides a list with different years and names.
  • Trend Report website lists the generations and alternative date ranges so you may fall within different “named” generations if your birth year is very close to the end, or beginning, of generational definitions depending on who is reporting the data.
    (By the way, the other links on this website are also interesting).

Of course, the U.S. Census provides information about U.S. demographics on national, state, county and census district scales.

Why might this be important information for you? When you read an article that is talking about a generation, is that your generation they are talking about? The links above are a handy reference to look up these definitions.

Just for fun: Where is the center of the U.S. Population from the 2010 census (and where has it been before)?


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  1. Larry Frank, Sr. June 9, 2015 at 5:18 am #

    Here are some other graphics that depict the generations interactively by various topics

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