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Willpower Instinct

Willpower, self-control, ego drain, mood swings, change, habits, and more …

Your mind is powerful. It can aid you doing what you want. But, it can also hinder much of that. How do you train your mind and mental muscles? Many people may have tried to change a habit, either good or bad, with varying degrees of success. I write about the topic because saving and/or […]

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Finance for Normal People

Finance for Normal People: How Investors and Markets Behave

I have had the great pleasure of talking with and listening to Meir Statman on a number of occasions. I also enjoy reading his insights on how we, the people, are more normal than we think, even when we think we’re doing something wrong, when it comes to our money and finances. I’ve had this […]

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Clash of pundits

Swayed or confused by media or financial pundits? What’s really happening?

What many take for financial news is actually processed and packaged for entertainment and advertising. Clash of the Financial Pundits by Joshua M Brown and Jeff Macke provide an inside look and discussion with many of the popular talking heads on financial shows. It is hard to separate news from noise – and most of […]

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ready to retire

“So You Think You are Ready to Retire?”

Thoughts of retirement are typically about the financial aspects of retirement. Typically, the other things to think about are forgotten or little understood. Even while aging in retirement, people are unsure about what they’re experiencing and how to relate to those experiences. Now, there’s a great book that talks about everything, with very little about money, in […]

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Scarcity – A great read

The book Scarcity – Why Having Too Little Means So Much – has great insight that helps explain why poor tend to stay poor, why the busy tend to stay busy, why people worried about their finances remain worried about their finances, why the lonely have trouble making friends, and more. The authors’ definition: “By […]

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financial literacy

Summer Money stuff for teens – when they’re bored

School’s out. For most, after about the second week, they’re bored! I’m often asked what are good resources for parents to help teach their children about money and personal finance. Here are 7 ideas compiled by Wall Street Journal: Financial Reading Your Teen Wont Tune Out – Books on Amazon: 1000 Smart Money Secrets […]

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William Bernstein on Deep Risk, Shallow Risk, and Investing for the Long-Term

What are the many kinds of investment risks? Most people think of the risk of losing their money. William Bernstein dissects this simple view into many different shades of risk and astutely discusses that not all risks are of equal possibility. So while some may worry about a certain risk, they should also consider how […]

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Fund Managers Uncovered, Part 1 of 4 | Sensible Investing

An interesting, and short, discussion of how it is “statistically impossible” to outperform everyone equally skilled. “When stocks go up, is that skill or luck?” “When things go well it is completely human to suppose that it is a result of your activity.” This part looks at the foibles of human emotion under the guise […]

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19 things the Millionaire next door won’t tell you – Business Insider

The Millionaire Next Door is a term coined by Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko in a book by the same title. How To Act Like A Millionaire – Business Insider by Len Penzo summarizes 19 differences between conspicuous consumption and how one truly gets wealthy. Rather than spell them all out here, you can quickly click through them through the […]

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NPR Interview: Charles Fernyhough, Author Of Pieces Of Light

Is your first memory of you one where you are looking at yourself? Why are you not remembering looking out from your own eyes? Why are you seeing yourself as if from another person looking at you in that memory? This is an interesting interview Interview: Charles Fernyhough, Author Of Pieces Of Light : NPR. about how […]

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