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Online tools to cut costs of college … & why?

Many people evaluate costs of college simply by looking at PRICE (a.k.a. tuition). However, there is more to costs of education than price. Graduation Rates Now, when you think of graduation rates, you might blame the students for not buckling down and being studious enough to graduate in the traditional four years. But, this may […]

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College Scorecard website and more

The College Scorecard website, from the U.S. Department of Education, helps high school students, and others, find and compare colleges and universities across the country based of various search characteristics. Results have been revamped to show average cost of attending, graduation rates, and average graduate salaries compared to the national average. Another website is Educate to […]

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Paying off Student Debt.

While most people think of college planning this time of year meaning the beginning of college, what are your payment options for student debt once you’ve graduated? Student debt that you have under the present day Federal programs is NOT the same as private debt most people are familiar with. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has […]

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What are the options to repay student debt?

A lot of attention is paid to getting into college. Little is paid towards repaying the student debt after college. I’ve posted many blogs on saving for college as well as how to approach and prioritize making a wise college choice after first making a wiser personal interest evaluation and career choice that aligns with […]

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College Search DIY @AdviceIQ

The below short article is a primer on how to approach college planning. There are actually two phases … and most people get these reversed. The practical order is: 1) Search for a career that the student will thrive and be interested in 2) Search for a college or university that provides the educational background in the […]

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College Admissions Private Counseling – Good Idea?

During each Fall season, I get a rash of inquiries from parents about college planning for their high school Senior (worse timing they could have – see below why Junior HS year is best; and even the Freshman HS year is important too). As far as saving more money to pay for college, it’s a bit too late with […]

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Tools to Find a Career and Apply to College (Parts 1 and 2)

Parents and students put themselves under great pressure when college application time rolls around. With just a little bit of preparation, and planning ahead instead of waiting until Fall of their Senior High School year, the process can be less stressful and more insightful. Rather than spend money on application and search help – save […]

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College Search and Application Help Services – a Good Idea?

I’m posting this blog based on a client’s suggestion after they were approached by a college application service about college planning for their high school Junior. As far as saving more money to pay for college, it’s a bit too late with only a year plus months until tuitions come due. And that’s the hook many private counseling […]

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Should you save in student’s name?

This syndicated column of mine through AdviceIQ discusses why saving for college in the student’s name is probably a bad idea because doing this may reduce student aid. Please see the other short blogs about the topic of saving for education, the options compared, repaying student loans, and other considerations like taxes. Advice iq don’t […]

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UTMA for Minors … or not?

This time of year, with college about to begin in the Fall, many parents begin to think about their younger children’s higher education and how to save for it in preparation for their big day. Just what is an UTMA? And should you consider one for your minor child? Many people are attracted to these because of […]

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