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Student Aid Loans and Repayment

Student aid for education may be confusing. How do you avoid all that student aid confusion to begin with? Save enough for college so you don’t need it. But, that may not be practical for many. How do you prepare yourself, or your children, for the financial aspects of a college education? What kinds of aid are there? […]

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How should you save for college?

Should you save in your name or your child’s name for college? The answer really depends on whether the student and you qualify for financial aid or not. Many times parents save in the child’s name to save on taxes without realizing the taxes saved may be less than the aid they give up due to financial […]

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financial aid

Tool to compare financial aid offers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has just made a college cost comparison tool available on their website. If you have received financial aid offers, use this tool to understand how all those numbers impact your payments down the road.  

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You’re waitlisted for college. Now what?

You got your college notice … either online or by old-fashioned snail mail. But wait … they don’t say you are admitted, but you are not denied either. Really!? This is great insight from a former college admissions officer about how to handle the “nebulous waitlist letter.” You may have expected an acceptance or non-acceptance letter […]

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College grad advice: “CASH”

Michelle Singletary in the Washington Post discusses “CASH”  for college graduates after graduation. These really apply to anyone at anytime. C – Credit: Pay credit cards in full and have them to establish a good credit history. A – Assets: But I would add … the kind that go UP in value over the long […]

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Student debt looming over you?

Each Fall, the rite of passage for high school students includes applying for higher education after high school graduation. Preparation is the key. A key factor and consideration about student aid is properly considering the student’s interests for possible careers. This increases the chances the student will complete their education. One of the factors for […]

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