Summer is here. And kids get bored!

Summer is here. And kids get bored!

You probably have children. Grandchildren. Nieces and nephews. Are they still in school?

Below is a brief guide to summarize some key thoughts to help you teach children about money.

Here is a resource to give better financial education to children generally 14 and under which is a site for books about learning about money for kids (I have a 15% discount code so contact me for that code … clients and client referrals may use the code). Learn about Needs and Wants is a popular book for kids.

The blog also has some interesting tips for parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles too.


Tips for helping your child learn about money

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If you would like a printed version of the above adobe pdf, please contact me to send you a free copy (offer expires 30 Sept 2012 or when supplies run out).
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