Summer Money stuff for teens – when they’re bored

financial literacySchool’s out. For most, after about the second week, they’re bored! I’m often asked what are good resources for parents to help teach their children about money and personal finance.

Here are 7 ideas compiled by Wall Street Journal: Financial Reading Your Teen Wont Tune Out –

Books on Amazon:
1000 Smart Money Secrets for Students

A Fly on the Wall Street

Happy summer reading!

And remember, they are learning the most about money, and personal finance, just by watching you!

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  1. Larry Frank, Sr. August 20, 2014 at 6:44 pm #

    Help your children grow their money skills

    Kids learn important money lessons from watching you earn, spend, save, and borrow. The CFPB and the FDIC are working together to help better prepare America’s young people to make financial decisions to achieve their own goals, throughout the stages of their lives.

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