1-minute video: Do You Need a Durable Power of Attorney?

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A Durable Power of Attorney, may be a separate document or prepared as part of a larger estate plan through a living trust. A general power of attorney is different than a durable one. It’s an important document separate from a broader more encompassing plan. Many people don’t consider what happens if they are temporarily or permanently incapacitated … what I call “here-gone.”

Most people think estate planning is only about what I call “gone-gone.” Many people postpone and procrastinate when it comes to estate planning – short term (here-gone) or long term (gone-gone). This is a mistake because each State has their own estate laws which probably don’t fully correspond to your wishes. If you don’t state your wishes in a legal manner through at least a will, or a living trust then this lack of planning often forces a court to make decisions for you – an expensive delay in many cases.

Being an executor of a will is different than being a successor trustee of a trust.

What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Living Trust?

You should have a discussion with a qualified, and experienced (all they do is estate planning and/or elder care) attorney. Where to find one?

In no particular order and not necessarily a complete list – but a place to start:

National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

American College of Trust and Estate Counsel

National Association of Estate Planners and Councils


My 1-minute video series on YouTube.

My Knowledge Center video library.

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