2012, The Year it Didn’t Happen

Weston Wellington of Dimensional points out in his article below that a lot of calamity was worried about in 2012, and it didn’t happen. Like Mark Twain’s quote “I  am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never  happened.”

Instead, most world markets grew! The USA was low on the list of world markets that gained … another reminder why diversifying globally is a good idea. The lower returns in the USA also is why we may feel a bit down … those bias us because they are right next door. We don’t see the gains in other countries directly, especially if you don’t have a globally diversified portfolio.

Of course, each year is different with the order of countries changing every year.

Don’t worry … be happy … here are past blogs on The Happy Secret and Are You Happy? Both blogs discuss how you can become happier and forget about things that may never happen anyway or you can not control.

Tip: Having a plan that you update every couple of years is one way to see what you can control, what you can not control, and the difference between the two. When you get a plan, you get a life freer from worry … and go ahead and spend your money as you like once you have some of it targeted to future budgets so you can spend your money then too.


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