Concerned about the future? What has changed?

The markets always goes up and down. The economy has grown and shrank before. What has changed is the mood people have about reaching their goal.

A bubble market over a long time gives people the illusion it will last forever … and thus their goal will too. Now … a slow economy gives the illusion this too will last forever … and they will never reach their goal.



The perceptions people had have changed. People have lost faith in banks and public institutions. They placed their trust in them and then things seemed to change.

The good times gave people the impression things would be different this time, and in those times hid misplaced perceptions. In truth, people forgot that bad times have happened before … that there is a cycle in life of both good and bad.

This means there is good news … bad times won’t go on forever … they will eventually cycle to good. Thus, a balance in perspective needs to occur.




Maybe the solution is to pragmatically and prudently look at things through the lens of prudence that brings into focus both good and bad times: not only now, but over the rest of your life.

Eventually these times may change for the better and those times may be just around the next corner … and it would be important to remember things could change yet again just around the corner after the next.

Everything has cycles in life … your plan should include how to manage both good and bad times and focus on your balanced plan (on what you can control) instead of focusing on all the big issues no one single person can solve by themselves (on what you can not control).


When your plan and outlook are balanced, then your emotions become balanced as well.





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