Greatest Lessons from the Great Recession – Part 3 of 3

college gradThere are 6 lessons that are timeless that we can learn from the Great Recession. These are important lessons that should not be forgotten with time. No matter what year it may be … these should be kept in mind.

Now that the new year is starting … it’s a good time to review these short lessons once again … and successfully graduate into your next phase of life with sound investment principles in mind.

So here is Part 3, the final, of a 3 part series.


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Part 1    Part 2   of the series.

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  1. Larry Frank, Sr. March 4, 2014 at 4:11 pm #

    5 Lessons From This Bull Market: 1) New bull markets are not announced at the bottom, 2) Rebalancing is essential, 3) Diversification works, 4) Stocks are long term, not short term needs, and 5) Market tops don’t get announced either.

    “What we learned from the market’s astonishing rise—and preceding free fall.” By Carolyn Bigda, From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, March 2014

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