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CableMost people confuse investing with their plan. So their focus goes to investing. But, this ignores WHY investing. You should invest to get you from where you are, TO where you are trying to go.

As explained in the below article … each investment within your overall portfolio may be thought of as a strand within your overall “cable.” The cable is not developed simply to have a cable for the cable’s sake. The cable is there to hold up the bridge!

The bridge gets you from where you are, to where you are trying to go. So … think carefully FIRST about where you want your bridge to take you. THEN … put the cables in place to build the bridge to get you THERE.


Instead, most people simply invest without careful design and end up where ever that random bridge may take them … often not where they expected or wanted to go!


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Wall St. CheatSheet.



Original blog … What’s the difference between investing and planning? … that inspired my syndicated article above.

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