IRS and Social Security Scams

BobarnowalletIt is that time of year when we get warned about the many different ways online scams work and what are most common. There are many more than those described here.

Simply confirm the validity of email offers and don’t click links within emails you’re not sure of. Better practice is opening a new browser and typing in the email address for the legitimate website.

Social Security Email Scam. How to spot—and thwart—this attempt to steal your personal information.” by By Catherine Fredman, Consumer Reports, March 02, 2016, talks about an email scam that claims to come from the Social Security Administration. Scammers objective? To get your information freely from you.

IRS’s Top 12 Tax Scams for 2016: The ‘Dirty Dozen.’ Con artists and tax dodgers emerge during tax season” By Michael S. Fischer, ThinkAdvisor, March 2, 2016, talks about the many ways scammers and ID thieves are trying to get your information to ultimately get into your wallet (your accounts and money).

Photo by Bambi Vincent (Bambi Vincent) [CC BY 1.0], via Wikimedia Commons, Bob Arno, comedy pickpocket, corporate entertainer, keynote speaker.


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