What fear can teach us

fear2Your Fears are the stories you tell yourself … the outline of fear mirrors the outline for story telling.

Here are some key points Karen makes in the video below.

Fears focus on a fundamental question … what will happen next? The answer often focuses on the story about all the things that might happen (and most of those never do happen). And you are the author of your own story of fear … and you are your own reader.

The best reader has the combination of two very different temperaments, the artistic and the scientific The artist has passion and can get caught up in the story. The reader also needs the coolness of judgement of the scientist.

fear brain

When you let your imagination run away about what will happen next with the markets or the economy, then this is a great video to come back to check out how to give yourself balance between your internal story of the artist’s and that of the scientist’s.

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