NPR Interview: Charles Fernyhough, Author Of Pieces Of Light

memoriesIs your first memory of you one where you are looking at yourself? Why are you not remembering looking out from your own eyes? Why are you seeing yourself as if from another person looking at you in that memory?

This is an interesting interview Interview: Charles Fernyhough, Author Of Pieces Of Light : NPR. about how our memories are not as reliable as we may think. Our memories are not like a photo or video camera … they are pliable and changed by experiences we’ve had since the time of that memory.

Having pictures and video help us remember what really happened at that moment, even though other events around that photo or video probably have changed in our minds’ memories.

Lastly, to relate this topic to investing: We tend to forget why we did something … and reinvent the reason based on recent events instead of what was going on in the past. Our memories are not accurate … they are pliable and thus unreliable. That is the reason to have things written down as a record. Pliable memoies is also a reason to have a structure to your investing that stays true to your original goal. That structure shouldn’t change unless you make a conscious effort to change it. And this should not be based on the current whims of the markets … but on what actually has changed in your life that has changed your goal for that money.

You see, markets shouldn’t change your goals. Your life, circumstances and personal desires should dictate your goals. That is how you connect an impersonal market and economy to your personal life.

May you continue to build those memories.

PS. Another excellent book is “You are Now less Dumbby David McRaney where he goes through 17 flaws of the human mind that mold how we think and feel about how we think we experience, and have experienced, life.


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  1. Larry Frank, Sr. September 28, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    The fiction of memory … false memory … a TED talk short video …

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