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The changing elements of what jobs are available in the economy, as well as where those jobs are, often makes finding employment challenging. The very same forces of technology that underlies jobs moving around globally may also be used to find those jobs.

Of course, moving to where the jobs are that match your skills increases the odds of finding employment. However, translating those skills into words is even more important today.

This is important because the nature of your old job may not be obvious to you, or others, when you are seeking new employment. Skills that made up the nature of your old job are the key items that need translation … instead of job titles or functions, etc.

The old days of sending out a résumé via snail mail have been replaced by technology.

Here are a few websites that may help:



60 Creative Way to Make Money in Retirement

Having an idea what occupations are growing, and which are shrinking, is important to know too. Additional information about employment earnings in your region is also helpful.

Exploring all of the above websites will give you a better idea how and where to proceed.

PS. For those on the other end of the job spectrum who are just starting their careers, see this blog post.

Note: None of these sites are endorsed by Better Financial Education. They are presented simply to aid job seekers.

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