So you’ve closed a website account. How do you delete it?

trash canClosing a website account and deleting your information behind your account on that website are two different matters. You can close any website account you have. But, simply closing it leaves a lot of stuff still scattered and available on the website. How do you delete all that scattered information on a website you’ve closed? How do you get it all in the trash can … and then get rid of the trash can too?

Websites tend to keep your info even after you’ve closed the account! AND, there are many sites where you can NOT delete your information after the account is closed. For a list of those websites you can go to and click on the tab labeled “Blacklist.” can also walk you through how to get rid of your information on most any website account you have that you wish to close.*

Another website that explains how to close specific popular website accounts is

Between these two websites you should be able to successfully get rid of your information on the web that was available through your account at that site. Before you open an account you should be aware of just what you can, and can not do, when you close it.

*Note that most financial institutions have a regulatory requirement to keep information for between 5 years to 7 years (and in some cases up to 15 years), typically starting after the last activity in the account.

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