Stock Market History: A Crash Course For Investors Pt 1 @investsensibly

Stock Market History“From Tulip Fever to the Dotcom Bubble and the Credit Crunch – what have we learned from the famous stock market crashes of the last few hundred years? Watch this space for a brand new eight-part series from in which leading finance experts explore what the lessons of the past can teach us about investing today. ”

A brief overview:

Part 1: Introduction “You learn too much from their (investor) experience.” Influenced too much by the recent past. “The lesson investors should take from history is that they should learn from history.” Repeating the same errors people did before.

There are 6 key lessons to learn from stock market history, discussed in Parts 2 through 7.

Part 2: Be Realistic We have been spoiled by the returns of the later half of the 20th Century. Overconfident. Overoptimistic. Remember YOUR past behaviors.

All 8 Parts.

Note: I will post these in 4 parts over the coming weeks, with 2 of Sensible Investing’s videos in each of my parts.

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