The Happy Secret

This short presentation shows us how our points of reference are average … or the news we expose ourselves to every day is that which forms a bias so our points of reference believe these every day events are average.

We also keep pushing our point of references for being happy over the “cognitive horizon” so that we feel we can never get there.

The last minute and a half is powerful … however, those points don’t mean much without the concepts the presentation makes are not understood first.

There are techniques for your quest to change our outlook and point of reference:

Random acts of kindness, 3 gratitudes, and writing down positives each day (journaling)

which make small changes that ripple outward in your life so that you have changed your brain to scan for the positives around you rather than focus on the negatives (which we fall into unless we recognize that this is the problem

How to become positive in the present … watch this short presentation …

Source link to Shawn Achor, the Happy Secret.
More: Are You Happy?

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