The true source and cost of delaying savings

What is the true source for the cost of delayed savings, or the cost of waiting? Most articles focus on the lost dollars, which is true. But why are those dollars lost?

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There is light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to turn it on (even modest savings with modest earnings, as in my example below, grows over time).

PS. The above is NOT about how much you NEED to save, it is about how much you WOULD have saved. How much you need to save is a different question. The higher your income, the more you need to save in order to prudently sustain your standard of individual living (SOIL from my book, Wealth Odyssey). SOIL and need go hand in hand; modest incomes need modest amounts saved, and higher incomes need higher amounts saved. Your actual amount you need is specific to you, not anybody else.
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