Welcome to the Better Financial Education Blog!

Better Financial Education Blog

Welcome to the Better Financial Education Blog!

I will approach my blog through the concept of an iceberg, there is a bit above the water, and more below the water.


My blog posts will be much like the little bit you see here that is above the water. In other words, simply a short expression of the thought or concept I wish to express.

The links I place take you below the water line for a deeper look at the topic for those who want to understand the thought or concept some more.

Overall, I seek to help you:

– Understand a process and structure around investing in today’s global economies and markets;

– Understand your behavior and how that impacts your results more than what the markets may;

– Help you go deeper, if you want to, with your understanding.

What are the top questions people ask me?

1)     How much do I need to be able to retire?

2)     When can I retire?

The answer to both these question is the same … when you have accumulated the resources, in addition to Social Security and a Pension, if any, that sustains your Standard of Individual Living (SOIL). SOIL is a term I explain in my book “Wealth Odyssey”  which is individually determined for each family because that is the only reference point that truly matters. Comparing oneself to others doesn’t answer your question as well as simply determining what it is you need to specifically do.

My co-researchers and I have peer-reviewed research published in the Journal of Financial Planning. I bring unique expertise to people as a thought leader and contributor how to measure and evaluate retirement distributions during any type of market or economy.

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