Why aren’t more blogs about investing?

If Henry Ford asked people what they wanted, they would have replied “Faster horses!” People didn’t realize there was another option.

Most of my blogs are about investing in one form or another! You just don’t realize it because you’re used to “horses” (media and Wall Street’s way).

The problem comes from the misperception that investing is about what’s “hot” or what’s “going up now.” That’s speculating*; and has nothing to do with a prudent approach to market participation with any hope of retaining your wealth over any length of time.

Nobody knows what the future will be about anything, least of all the value of an investment in anything. There’s a presumption based on assumptions … but what are those besides speculation?

Once one realizes that what they perceive as investing is simply media and advertising to keep money in motion (thus “they” get a cut of it). Instead, academic research suggests a rational approach is healthier for your wealth. Having a stable and long lasting Investment Philosophy removes speculation, market timing, worrying about what’s “best” or “better,” and many other issues related to speculation.

Thus … many of the aspects discussed in my blogs are related to investing. For example, how should you relate to money and wealth with your behavior?

Understanding the difference between prudent investing# and speculative investing* is key to your success. And there is more involved in investing than stocks and bonds … Financial Planning puts those other factors into the mix so you can have a better chance at getting to where you are trying to go with your money.

My blogs are about changing your perception from “better investments” to another option … prudent investing that gets you where you are trying to go without speculation.

Prudence involves recognizing that many things impact your results. Those “many things” are what my blogs look at.


*Speculation – if I may shine a bit more light on when you may be speculating – if you are evaluating something solely on a promised return, you are probably speculating. Why? Because return has little to do with your goal, when that goal is desired, how that goal ranks in priority to other goals, your current financial situation (i.e., can you afford the complete loss?), and alternative uses of the “invested money” towards any of these. “Making money” just for the sake of making money is speculating – and often the money may be lost rather than increased.

#Prudent investing – evaluating all of those things mentioned above in Speculation with the aim of growing your wealth (net worth).

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