Why write a letter to yourself?

dear future meHow do you make sure you stay true to yourself, your thoughts, your feelings?

Write yourself a letter – and schedule it to be emailed to yourself at some future date.


Original blog … Write a Letter to Yourself in the Future … that inspired my syndicated article.

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2 Responses to Why write a letter to yourself?

  1. Larry Frank, Sr. February 15, 2015 at 8:50 pm #

    Here’s how you can trick your brain into doing something sooner … set the goal in the same week, month or year … see why here:



  1. Willpower, self-control, ego drain, mood swings, change, habits, and more … | Better Financial Education Blog - June 14, 2017

    […] She makes the great point that we are all programmed with the same brain structure and the various parts of the prefrontal cortex are what makes us human. We have the capacity to do various things, but also the desire to do others. “Sure, it might be possible to resist temptation, but that doesn’t guarantee that we will. It’s conceivable that we could do today what begs to be done tomorrow, but more often than not, tomorrow wins.” As humans evolved, our brains didn’t. “Evolution prefers to add on to what it’s created, rather than start from scratch. That means that for any instinct that once served us well, evolution kept it around – even if it now gets us into trouble.” It is like there are two brains inside us – one that acts on impulse for immediate gratification, and the other has self-discipline so we can accomplish something longer term. A conflict between Present Self and Future Self. […]

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