Write a Letter to Yourself in the Future

leave the pastHow do you encourage yourself to do something that you swear today you’re going to do? Why not send yourself an email today that will be delivered to you at some future date? This is your reminder note. FutureMe.org: Write a Letter to the Future.

You can do this for anything. Since this is a personal finance blog, let’s take a look at how this may work to keep you committed to yourself. Our memories are pretty short. We’re sure today that we’ll remember to do something, or stay committed to do something. Yet, is “slips” our mind and we forget when the time comes.

past present futureWant to save that tax refund and tell yourself “this year I’m going to do that?” Want to pay off your debt and then begin to save that money instead of spending it again?

In your email, explain to yourself why your feelings you have today are important to you today. Let’s say you’re always feeling in the hole and can’t seem to save anything. When you get money, you have to pay off debt, or spend it. You know you want to save, it’s just that when the time comes you’re feelings then overcome you and you’ve forgotten the feelings you had. Then the money is gone and you have those same old feelings again and swear “this time it’ll be different.” Yet, it’s not when the time comes again!

So explain your frustration with yourself in your own words. Schedule the email to arrive the day before. Pay attention to your message. Maybe it will take a couple of times, but your messages to yourself will begin to take hold and you may turn the corner and get committed to the program you say you’re going to commit to.

dear future meThen, send yourself notes of congratulations and encouragement with hints of how you’re feeling good about getting debt paid, or your savings program going. Keep ratcheting it up . Guess what! Eventually you may be in a completely different situation with a completely different outlook!

Begin today! FutureMe.org: Write a Letter to the Future.


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  1. Larry Frank, Sr. September 4, 2016 at 9:22 am #

    A discussion of the battle between your present and future selves


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