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What Do Donations and Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) Have in Common? Hint: Qualified Charitable Deductions (QCDs)

Are you over age 70 ½? Do you have Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) where you don’t need the money for everyday expenses? Do you have charitable interests? Recall many charitable contributions may be tax deductible. If not applicable to you, do you know someone these questions may apply? The first question asks age 70 ½ […]

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1-minute video: How To Maximize Social Security SURVIVOR Benefits

Please enjoy this 1-minute video (for those receiving this by email: please click on the blog title line above to view). The video mentions Full Retirement Age as a reference to claiming Social Security benefits early, or late. Full Retirement Age depends on your birth year and is explained here. Here are other short articles […]

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How Social Security Benefits Keep Up with Inflation for Those Working or Retired

With inflation dominating the news, people may be developing more than a passing interest in how the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is figured for inflation’s effects on the loss of purchasing power of each dollar. Whether it’s a matter of simple curiosity or an effort to maximize benefits through strategic claiming, people should know […]

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When People Can, Should, or Must Enroll in Medicare

Like it or not (and most employers do not), health insurance in this country is employment related. Most employers offer health insurance as a tax-free employee benefit, and most working people get their health insurance through their work. Although plan options and pricing might vary from year to year, workers who get their health insurance […]

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What’s the AIM of both investing and planning?

The aim of retirement planning while working is to accumulate shares. The aim of retirement planning once retired is to conserve shares! Both working or retired, the aim is share management! The value of each share goes up and down over time. Shares are the store of wealth. Dollars are simply a measure of spending […]

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Working and Social Security Benefits Working and Social Security Benefits Most people are not aware of the Social Security earnings test, or income limits, if they claim benefits while still working prior to reaching their Full Retirement Age (FRA) [FRA is THE MONTH & YEAR you are eligible for 100% benefits. Before FRA, benefits are reduced. After FRA, benefits […]

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What is a Retirement Feasibility Timeline?

I define the Retirement Feasibility Timeline as a method to depict the transition between the working years (accumulation) and the retirement years (decumulation). You can visually see year by year (age by age) when retirement may be feasible without any changes to what you’re presently doing, and what meaningful changes may alter that outcome to […]

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