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Key Milestones by Generations – Did You Know?

Above is a graphic summary of some interesting research by “Financial Brand,” whose site also dives deeper into some brief facts for each generation. For example quoting their work on the Silent Generation: Quote: Major Events Affecting The Silent Generation: World War II, The Great Depression, the 1929 stock market collapse, the Dust Bowl, the […]

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Kittens, Lions and Black Swans

There is no getting by our emotions at any time, especially when it comes to investing. The same brain chemicals and responses to kittens (friendly), or lions (fear) right in front of us, also happen when we look at our investments; good markets (friendly) and bad markets (fear). Add to fears of misbehaving markets, are recessions, inflation (or […]

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1-minute video: The Effects of Inflation on Retirement

Please enjoy this 1-minute video (for those receiving this by email: please click on the blog title line above to view). What is inflation? In economics, inflation refers to a general progressive increase in prices of goods and services in an economy. When the general price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services; consequently, […]

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Appealing the IRMAA (What’s that? Ans: Higher Medicare Part B & D premiums)

Appealing the IRMAA (What’s that? Ans: Higher Medicare Part B & D premiums)

How do you appeal the Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount, or IRMAA? Amid the long checklist of things you must do at retirement, this can easily be overlooked, causing you to pay more in Medicare premiums than you need to. The IRMAA was first enacted in 2003 as a provision of the Medicare Modernization Act […]

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What’s the Difference Between Advisers?

You’ve probably had experiences with different “advisers” without even realizing it (even at your bank). “Adviser” is a broad term ill-defined in the financial services profession. A key part of financial education is to become more aware of what kind of “adviser” are you talking with (not only me, but with any other as well)? […]

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A Brief History of Doom.

Well written, easy to read, no financial background required, on why financial crises happen. The author puts together a very well-developed argument as what causes financial crises by looking at many historical events worldwide and piecing together the data to support this insight. Note: This post was written some months ago and scheduled to post […]

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How Do You Know if Diminished Financial Capacity Has Crept in?

By definition, you don’t recognize the signs of diminished financial capacity. You need to rely on others for this. And as you’ll see below, relying on others presents a dilemma! This is not something to be ashamed of – it’s a natural order of aging. For some slowing down comes earlier, for others later. The […]

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Incapacity planning for Social Security

As the Coronavirus continues to put people of all walks of life in hospitals and on ventilators, the necessity of incapacity planning is starting to hit home. The question now isn’t so much “what if I die?” (although there’s that, too), but “what if I’m unable to speak for myself? Who will take care of […]

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Pandemics and Your Money.

Pandemics, like the diseases themselves, run their course. The coronavirus will also run its course, as will its impact on global markets. This article isn’t about COVID-19. Rather this piece is about human nature and investing, and by extension, the success or failure of your long-term financial plan. What really should be unexpected in this […]

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