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Two views of retirement

Summary: Two schools of thought on retirement income.

Retirement income management boils down to basically two schools of thought … Probability Based School and the Safety First School. Wade Pfau has a summary on his blog, and I’ve written on the comparisons as well. Wade is an advocate of the Safety First School in general while I’m an advocate of the Probability Based […]

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waves approach beach1

Why Volatility Isn’t So Bad @AdviceIQ

Nervous retirees often worry that they might lose everything in a volatile market. Yes, if you only own one stock, you could lose it all. But if your portfolio is diversified, the majority of it remains stable like the water beneath the waves. Below the wave height line, much of the water is undisturbed. Lots […]

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Rebalancing benefits during retirement. Is that all?

Michael Kitces wrote an interesting article comparing “Decision Rules” vs. Rebalancing. He finds that rebalancing under a total return approach has essentially the same results using the “Safe Withdrawal Rate” (SWR) decision rules. I posted a blog a short time ago that compares the SWR approach to a Dynamic Updating approach. I have always maintained […]

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storm surge

Is ALL of your portfolio at risk of loss?

Is all of your portfolio at risk of loss during a down market? It shouldn’t be if it is properly diversifiedª. Let me explain using ocean waves to represent a portfolio. You see a properly diversified portfolio would mean that ALL of your stocks and ALL of your bonds have simultaneously gone to zero value! […]

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cash flow sequence risk

Setting Retirement Income & Spending More in Retirement @AdviceIQ

How much can you spend in retirement? How might you get more comfortable with uncertainty in retirement? Two age-old questions that should be given more attention than most people do. The first article below answers the first question above. The second article below answers the second question above. Rather than go into detail here – please […]

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How income may compare between Dynamic and Safe approaches

I recently attended an academic research conference for the Academy of Financial Services (AFS). I had the great pleasure of visiting with Wade Pfau, David Blanchett, Michael Kitces and Joe Tomlinson as well as the attending academics from the various universities across the country researching many aspects of personal financial planning. This article will discuss a few observations I made from […]

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When to adjust retirement income? Sooner? Or later?

Market cycles make predictions hard for those who like to make such predictions. I believe predictions are impossible, especially over the rest of your life when it comes to retirement. This doesn’t mean we all throw up our hands though. It means taking a measure of what is prudent based on facts as we know […]

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withdrawal rates and POF

How to Use “Dynamic Updating” to Determine a Prudent Retirement Income Based on Age

This article is a brief summary of how all of our * research papers tie together to modernize the retirement income measurement from your investments. In other words, how to determine a prudent amount of retirement income. Advisers generally annually update plans with their clients. An important part of this update process is capturing new […]

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1 C Retirement Distribution Process

Wise Retirement Withdrawals: How does Safe Withdrawal Rates compare to Dynamic Updating method? @AdviceIQ

Most people are familiar with the “4% Rule.” This post is not going to debate or debunk it. What the rule essentially does is start retirement out with conservative spending, and possibly end up with lots of money at the end. What I’ll do instead is demonstrate a method that closely monitors what you’re doing each […]

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Figuring How Long You’ll Live. Why is this important? @AdviceIQ

When it comes to retirement income, how long does that income need to last? Can you just look at this once and then forget about it? The article below will explain why this is important and how longevity slowly changes (it gets shorter) as you age … BUT … that end age slowly gets older […]

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