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auto accident

ID Theft possible after auto accident: what info do you give?

Hopefully you won’t have an auto accident. Hopefully you can avoid auto accident scams (and google the term for even more types of auto accident scams). A lot of the advice given in these articles you google include giving the other party your driver’s license number, name, address, phone number, etc. It seems prudent to collect all […]

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cyber crime

Why I’m thinking carefully about using Social Media

Cybercrime keeps changing. “Cybercriminals have discovered that investors now routinely rely on e-mail to authorize personal advisers to execute financial transactions. Search engines and social networks have made finding and profiling potential victims, and their advisers, easy.” Cybercrooks fool financial advisers to steal from clients – By Byron Acohido, The writer, Byron, makes a key point […]

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Bogus Gold?

  I learned long ago that when you see advertisements about investing … lots of advertisements … that may be a good indicator to be more wary and careful. Not only does all that attention generate demand for the investment (which drives up the price … which generates even more attention and demand), it also attracts scammers who […]

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SEC Investor Alerts

Social Media is popular, no doubt about that. With that popularity comes the responsibility to be more careful since those with bad intent take advantage of carelessness. This is especially problematic when it comes to your money … since that is what thieves are after … your money. Thieves are also after your identity … so […]

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