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What is a Retirement Feasibility Timeline?

I define the Retirement Feasibility Timeline as a method to depict the transition between the working years (accumulation) and the retirement years (decumulation). You can visually see year by year (age by age) when retirement may be feasible without any changes to what you’re presently doing, and what meaningful changes may alter that outcome to […]

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Just Imagine Financial Planning Software … that does this …

Preface Financial planning software today is still a calculation-based approach that derives a supposed solution that most in the profession call a plan. Under the current paradigm, there is much more to be desired. Those desires are currently limited by the perspectives and interests within the software provider community that is also driven by the […]

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What are Heir’s Considerations Now for Inherited Retirement Accounts?

The SECURE Puzzle This article will discuss HOW a heir may distribute Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) over the 10 year period that results from the SECURE Act of 2019*. The pertinent details of the Act relevant to this article will be discussed later. The below applies to any qualified retirement funds an heir may inherit. […]

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The Four Transitions Of Aging (Retirement Insights Part 3 of 3)

The Four Transitions Of Aging (Retirement Insights Part 3 of 3)

“Aging and getting older can be ‘a mean Rubik’s Cube, in which several different sides of your life are turning simultaneously.’ As while good genes increase longevity, they can also increase the cost of living and duration of retirement. Married couples often find support with one another, but spouses typically don’t age equally well, and […]

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The Trick To Keeping Friends As We Get Older (Retirement Insights Series Part 2 of 3)

The Trick To Keeping Friends As We Get Older (Retirement Insights Series Part 2 of 3)

“More and more recent research is finding that our friends and social interactions are essential to our medical, psychological, and social well-being as we age. Which is a challenge for retirees, in particular, as they age, as everything from reduced mobility to the outright death of friends can shrink our social circles and opportunities to […]

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Time Allocations and Self-Reported Happiness Of Retirees (Retirement Insights Series – Part 1 of 3)

“When it comes to happiness and well-being in retirement, having enough money to retire may help, but it turns out not to be a primary driver of happiness in retirement. Instead, retiree satisfaction is much more driven by what retirees actually do with their time in retirement. Accordingly, the authors of a study leverage the data in the University […]

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What age should retirement be planned to?

One of the big discussions in the profession is choosing the age retirement should be planned to. Should it be age 95? Age 100? Some other age? Here’s a good brief discussion on the implications of choosing an age: “How Life Expectancy Affects Retirement Planning” by Mark Miller at Morningstar. Assuming you’re younger than in […]

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Do Reverse Mortgages and Disasters Mix?

What happens to a reverse mortgage when disaster strikes? 2017 had a number of fires in the West and Hurricanes in the South. Other devastating natural disasters like tornados, floods and earthquakes happen too. Disasters don’t need to be widespread to affect your home – you could easily suffer loss on just your home without […]

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Retirement Income – A book Review

Fundamentally Wade’s work, in his newest book, is a great summary of a lot of research so far in this nascent field of withdrawing from assets to supplement retirement income. “How Much Can I Spend in Retirement?: A Guide to Investment-Based Retirement Income Strategies (The Retirement Researcher’s Guide Series)” by Wade D Pfau, available at […]

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How many times can you plan on spending an asset in retirement?

How many times can you use a source of money in your retirement plan? Turns out, just once, unless you know ahead of time WHEN something is going to happen, or if something was NOT going to happen. Since we don’t know either, we need to plan on what resources may solve which issues we […]

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