Now theres a do not call list SCAM- MSN Money

call scamYou want to get rid of those nuisance phone calls. And then you get one saying they can do that for you! Now theres a do not call list scam- MSN Money (article by Mitch Lipka)

Do not call. The National Do Not Call Registry doesn’t call you! You call the registry, or go to their website, to register your phone(s). Once your phone(s) are registered, after about a month or so the calls should stop. However, calls from scammers will likely continue because the bad guys don’t follow the law. So hang up or don’t answer! Note though that calls from politicians, charities and companies you are doing business with may still call you.

How about that pesky junk mail … can that be stopped? Yes through the National Do Not Mail List.

How about those pre-screened credit card offers … can they be stopped? Yes, and here’s the Federal Trade Commission’s website that explains how, as well as a link to yet more scam alert notices.

Here’s a summary website at the FTC that also includes how to stop unsolicited commercial email.

Once you’ve gone through the steps … may you enjoy life less cluttered and interrupted. Be aware though, that when you are in the market for something, you’ll need to take the extra time to discover what offers are out there for you. In today’s world, that’s a bit easier.

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  1. Larry Frank, Sr. May 14, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    Social Engineering is the manipulation of people to act or divulge sensitive information. There is no method to isolate you from this manipulation since it is directed directly to your emotions. Prevention? Think first. Confirm through a separate method second.

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