The Top 10 Read Posts for 2013

top 10Readers vote when they read a blog, most found through website searches,  and are counted in the site stats. By popularity, here are the top 10 posts readers have read during 2013 (note that blogs may not be just those posted in 2013 – many continue to be read again in 2013 – some topics continue to be popular):

1) The Dividend Income Illusion

2) Retirement … When You Crack Open the Egg

3) Two Retirement Questions?

4) Pre-pay your Mortgage Now; Save for Retirement Later?

5) What does Loring Ward do?

6) Just what should an annual checkup do for you during retirement?

7) What are your odds of living past 100?

8) Rebalancing? How does it work?

9) I’m a planner, not a prophet!

10) Are market returns really the key to your portfolio value?

Wishing one and all a Happy New Year and a joyful and prosperous 2014!

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