Who has the most abundant currency?

Did you know there are 2 more currency’s more abundant than the U.S. Dollar?

Adjusting for the size of the economy, as a percent of GDP of the issuing country, the U.S. is 8th.


Many have the mistaken belief that the U.S. stock market always returns the best. This is not true. Even though the U.S. is still the world’s largest economy, the annual ranking of market returns changes each year. You can compare 2010, where the U.S. was ranked in the middle of the pack, to 2011 where the U.S. came on top. So far, 2012 has the U.S. somewhere in the middle again.*


This doesn’t mean you need to change your investments. My purpose is to broaden your perspective beyond what you think, which is probably based on a much narrower point of view. You make more informed decisions with broader perspectives.

The moral of the story: Diversify globally, and stay diversified globally, since the past does not predict the future.


*Note it is difficult to get comparable rankings from the same source year over year. However, the main point is that all the global markets grow and shrink at different rates at different times due to different reasons.


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