With Europe in the news so much over the past couple of years … and increasingly so as the can they kicked down the road is possibly reaching the end of that road … I thought I’d provide a couple of informative links for comparison and to help you get up to speed on how the various countries of Europe compare to each other economically.

This interactive graph from The Economist provides an overview of many aspects of the situation in Europe. The Public Debt tab is also informative.

The Financial Times (free registration and login required) has an interactive graph that shows the bank exposures in any country (hold cursor over various countries)  of a selected country (click on country) debt. For example: France’s banks exposures to Spain’s debt. Using the free registration to see this is worth it. Select any country from the pull down menu which will bring up the map which you can then compare any country to another very easily.

This information is not provided as a tool to decide how to invest or not nor am I providing specific investment advice here. The objective of this blog posting is to provide a wider perspective on Europe’s structure that you may not normally find without searching yourself. There are risks investing anywhere. With risk comes return. A prudent plan should be globally diversified.


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