What to do, and not do, as an executor with the deceased credit cards?

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So you’re the executor/successor trustee of the will/trust of a loved one. What do you do about their remaining credit card debt?

Are you personally obligated to pay those from your funds? How do you close all those credit card accounts? What documents will you need to contact the credit card companies? How do you even know what credit cards they have, since nowadays it’s possible to have everything paperless?

Most people make erroneous assumptions about wrapping up debt for a deceased loved one. The best first step is contacting an estate planning attorney (links to find one below).

Many other things to consider in relations to a deceased debt are in these two articles* :

6 steps to take when a credit card holder dies

Executor not personally liable for deceased’s card bill


You should have a discussion with a qualified, and experienced (all they do is estate planning and elder care) attorney. Where to find one?

In no particular order and not necessarily a complete list – but a place to start:

National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

American College of Trust and Estate Counsel

National Association of Estate Planners and Councils


PS. A related article on executor/trustee responsibilities: So … you’re the Will’s Executor … what does that involve?


*Not an endorsement of the site Creditcards.com, simply providing you with the information they relay in their articles.

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