Stock Market History: A “Crash” Course for Investors, Part 3 – YouTube

Feeling fearful? That emotion can be overwhelming at times because the rational part of our brains don’t have anything to hold onto.

Here is a short video that discusses what Risk means (doing badly at times) and how long it historically has taken for market fluctuations to go back to normal after peak volatility (fluctuating values).

Fearful? This may mean you aren’t quite structured properly or may be relying on returns to carry the day, instead of approaching the markets carefully, deliberately and properly structured with a supporting rational plan.

But, before the video … here are some Dow values as a point of reference so you can ignore volume and speed of the talking heads about the markets:

Dow Range 82013



Stock Market History: A Crash Course for Investors, Part 3 – YouTube.

From Sensible Investing YouTube Channel.

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