Are you a beneficiary of a trust?

TagoftrustWhat are your rights when you’re a beneficiary of a trust? What if you’re NOT the trustee, but only the beneficiary, and you are having trouble getting information from the trustee. You see the trustee is responsible for administering the trust on behalf of the beneficiaries – not for themselves, unless the trustee also happens to be a (or one of) the beneficiaries too. Are they as beneficiary confusing their duty as trustee and vice versa.

The above looks at your rights as a beneficiary. Here’s a post on being an executor or trustee. It’s an honor! But just what is involved as someone’s executor? Or trustee?

If you need more help with either of these … as a trustee or as a beneficiary … you may find competent help at the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys through their Member Directory.


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