Lesser Known Database with Your Personal Info

databaseMost people are familiar with the service of Annual Credit Report where you can check on each of your credit reports from the three credit reporting agencies free once a year. But, there’s another reporting service not many are aware of run by a subsidiary of Equifax called The Work Number (Equifax Verification Services | Instant Online Verifications).

All of this information is collected so that it can be sold to those wanting information about you. In the case of The Work Number, companies pay to verify potential employee information and their HR departments have access. Other companies also buy this information. Here’s a report by NBC News: Equifax Has America’s Number … and Its Paystubs By John Morgan to learn more.

You can check and dispute what Equifax has in your file that employers and others have access to by going to the Work Number website for employees and then click on the link “Request Annual Employment Data Report” Note: self-employed or businesses not in the data base won’t have records here. If your employer is in the database, then what info does the database have on you?

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