Wealth Odyssey

Below is a video on YouTube made for my book when it came out. Narrated and explained by actress Melissa Joan Hart.

Wealth Odyssey is timeless on purpose. I wrote it so that whatever markets did, the perspective of the book would still apply to you and your situation.

There is no investing advice or strategy in the book (those change with time). However, there is a broad perspective on how financial topics relate to each other and how you may view all the financial topics in a framework that helps make sense as to what they are meant to do in your life.

I encourage you to take a look at the book for the Road Map that help you put your financial planning journey together.

On YouTube

Note: The book’s website (WealthOdyssey.com) in the video is no longer active; the site’s information has been transferred to this webpage on this site. The publisher’s website, https://www.iuniverse.com/en/bookstor… IS active. More info may also be found on Amazon and Google Books (direct links here) or special ordered at your favorite book store.

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