Who do I work for?

I work for you, my client, and nobody else.


I do not represent any other company as a representative or agent.

I do use other business entities that assist me to do what I need to do to help you. These outsourced (note: this is different from off-shored) companies provide key business functions to be sure my work for you is top shelf.



Loring Ward is my back office that takes care of the administration of your portfolios.

National Regulatory Services assists me with staying compliant with securities laws and regulations.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions provides my receptionist service as well as office space at national locations other than at my main Roseville office.

Retail Technology provides Customer Relationship Management software that helps me keep your files up to date as well as a paperless solution for file management through imaging files.

Thank you for being such a great boss and I enjoy working for you!

Note: I provide this blog entry because each year, when I send out my annual notices, I am asked this basic set of questions about what these entities do and who I work for.

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