Your “price” for healthcare is not the same as the “cost” of healthcare

cost health careYou can go online now and shop for prices of health care. However, what you pay is not the same thing as what health care costs. What you pay is merely what you give towards payment of the total cost of care. It is important to distinguish between the two on the national debate.

This blog will look at how you may look at your personal cost of care and leave the national debate to others.

Here are links to various websites to give you further information on cost of care and what your price might be:

For starters, see if your own insurer’s website has information about local pricing.

FAIR Health Consumer Cost Lookup for estimated provider charges for medical and dental procedures.

Health Care Blue Book gives the amount providers accept from insurance companies, useful for those who may bargain on price (uninsured for example).

Consumer Health Ratings provides price comparisons and quality ratings.

Medicare’s Hospital Compare and give you insight into how hospitals rate on their care. is a tool to find prices for most prescription drugs.




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