9 Key Questions as an investor to ask yourself

The time for reflection comes to all of us at one time or another.

These are 9 key questions an investor should ask themselves. This is not an exhaustive list, rather one that gets to the meat of the matter.

The questions and answers are timeless, applying all the time.

  1. What sort of competition do I face as an investor?
  2. What are my chances of picking a fund that survives AND outperforms?
  3. If I choose a fund because of strong PAST performance, does that mean it will do well in the future?
  4. Do I have to outsmart the market to be a successful investor?
  5. Is there a better way to build a portfolio?
  6. Is international investing for me?
  7. Will making frequent changes to my portfolio help me achieve investment success?
  8. Should I make changes to my portfolio based on what I hear in the news?
  9. So, what should I be doing?

Brief answers to each of these questions are given in the below attached file.


How you approach the markets determines your success in the long term.


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  1. In the interest of disclosure: I do use Dimensional sub-managed SA Funds with most clients (not a fund requirement, but a business standardization decision I’ve made because of the evidence based approach

Analogies that explain the difference between investing and planning (Yes, they are different)! :

This blog is not a solicitation; simply an explanation of the basic philosophy and approach.

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