You don’t need a scanner anymore

Goodbye scanners! Apps have been out for some time that make scanning as easy as taking a picture. Then save it and send or share it.

The best scanning apps for Android and iPhone.

If you don’t have a scanner – one of these might be useful too.

Adobe Scan app for both Apple or Androids via a link for either on this page.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens for Apple by iTunes

Microsoft Office Lens for Android

Document scanners for Android (Go to Google Play Store and search for “Document Scanner”)

DocuScan for Apple


Who needs to fax anything anymore! But if you do, you can find apps for that too.


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2 Responses to You don’t need a scanner anymore

  1. Isaac January 5, 2017 at 8:14 pm #

    Do the apps perform OCR when creating PDFs? OCR makes it possible to perform text search, highlight, and copy-n-paste text in the documents.

    • Larry Frank, Sr. January 6, 2017 at 7:59 am #

      I have not used any of these apps myself; they come as suggestions from those who have. At present, they use your devices camera function so OCR won’t work.

      This is a great question that leads to why I may have posted this in the first place. I have people (clients typically) who try to send me things that contain non-public personal information (NPI) that is too sensitive to send by email attachment. For this kind of use, text search is not the issue – the issue is the NPI that should not be put on a permanent e-mail server. They don’t have a scanner or fax. Now, they can take a picture, clean it up with the app into a nice Adobe pdf file, and send it to me via my secure Sharefile by Citrix link on my website.

      This post is solving their issue of not having a scanner or fax and trying to send me documents. It is not about them trying to build a filing system that they can text search documents.

      Great question! I haven’t looked to see if there are free device apps that do that though.

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