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In a previous blog (When I was 10)I talked about how my Dad was supportive of my goal to be a pilot, even though this was unpopular during the Vietnam War. The war ended the year I graduated from high school. However, the lesson he taught me about support has stuck with me to this day.

During my travels in the Air Force I met a wonderful woman from El Salvador who would even consider marrying me! The oldest son is now well into his own career in the Air Force. He has a beautiful wife and 2 grandkids. The second son is about to get married in October of this year to a beautiful woman too. They’re grown, and a parent’s love continues by being supportive of them all.

I had the ultimate compliment when our daughter complimented me one day … “They say you marry a guy like your Dad.” I had supported her in her wish for college and through life’s challenges thrown her way fresh out of high school. She’s married to a great man and has 4 grandkids. The youngest son has a scholarship for his pre-med studies so his war chest for college will come in handy for some of his Doctor education. They have shown me how much they appreciate our support.


I also feel lucky and privileged to help and support those readers who are also clients. Watching and helping you arrive at your goals over the years has been an honor. I look forward to many more years doing the same.




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