Figuring How Long You’ll Live. Why is this important? @AdviceIQ

predictions.When it comes to retirement income, how long does that income need to last? Can you just look at this once and then forget about it?

The article below will explain why this is important and how longevity slowly changes (it gets shorter) as you age … BUT … that end age slowly gets older as you age too. Thus, you never reach that expected longevity age based on your current age … that life expectancy age is always older than you now are!

This is important to understand so you properly manage your money so you don’t outlast it. This is as simple as revisiting your spending each year during an annual review.

Read more in the article below …

Link to article was also placed in USA Today June 15th.


Original blog … What is expected longevity? And why should you care?  … that inspired my syndicated article.

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