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I’m pleased to announce that my fourth research paper has been peer-reviewed and published in March 2012’s issue of the Journal of Financial Planning titled “An Age-Based, Three-Dimensional Distribution Model Incorporating Sequence And Longevity Risks”

This research is expanding the profession’s knowledge and perspective on how to better measure and manage resources for retiree’s in retirement.

I use the methods discussed in this paper to directly evaluate my retired clients to answer the ever-important question “Will my money last as long as I do?”

The methods also affect those of you who are not yet retired by providing a much simpler manner to answer the questions “How much do I need to retire?” “And when can I retire?”


How might this research be applied to real people?


An important aspect of research that most people miss is that ALL the research in this area is based on indexes. This is an important reason why I use only passively designed indexes with you as clients.

Thank you again for being valued clients and I trust you will enjoy the latest research paper  in the Journal of Financial Planning.

You may also read the other papers I have had the privilege of having published as a thought leader in the industry in regards to Sustainable Retirement Withdrawals.

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