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cash flow sequence riskHow much can you spend in retirement? How might you get more comfortable with uncertainty in retirement?

Two age-old questions that should be given more attention than most people do.

The first article below answers the first question above. The second article below answers the second question above.

Rather than go into detail here – please enjoy reading the two articles that simplify what I stated in the  original blog … “How to Use “Dynamic Updating” to Determine a Prudent Retirement Income Based on Age” … that inspired my syndicated articles above and goes more in-depth into various considerations.

A bonus post on retirement income compared between the “Safe” method and the “Dynamic Updating” method. And for the advanced reader, here’s a great post by another adviser, and supporter of a form of the dynamic method, on Sequence Risk (a 5 part series of posts).

Retired spend more pt 2 advice iq from Better Financial Education

The original blog post that inspired this two part syndicated series may be found here.

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