The New Retirement Resorts, Cruises and Spas

“People are getting more creative in how they’re spending their senior years,” says geriatrician Lee Lindquist of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Even as they start to develop medical problems, “they don’t want to spend their time in one room every day.”

The New Retirement Resorts – Yahoo! Finance.

Options discussed in the article:

– Living in another country. They discuss Costa Rica, but I’ve seen Panama and Ecuador as other popular spots for retirees.

– “Medcottages” or housing on the property one of their children own.

– Cohousing – where common areas are shared while private living space exists on different sides.

– Permacruises – living onboard a cruise ship and getting services from ship board services.

– Spa living – living at spa resorts.

Your imagination is the limit. And where is based on your needs and what you are comfortable with as compared to more traditional options past generations have used.

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