What does the future of medicine have to do with financial planning?

You may live longer and healthier lives than you are currently planning for. A paradigm shift may take place where people decide to work longer. Demographically, after the baby-boomers retire more and more, there’s the “baby bust” right behind them. Working longer for the next generation should be a logical extension as fewer workers stay working for more years to fill positions once filled by, now retired, boomers. Who knows what the future portends … but the possibilities are interesting to ponder.

No doubt though … medicine technology is advancing rapidly … as this TED presentation shows. This has profound effects on financial planning as well … what is the real length of time one spends in retirement going to be? More importantly, how does one plan for this? Interestingly enough, current research my colleagues and I are doing digs into these questions. I will share that research with you when the time comes. For now … take a look at advances in medical technology …


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