What is the value of a planner?

You may have a great understanding about a disease you may have from your internet search about it. Yet, even with this understanding, you still go see a doctor. Why?

Because understanding the problem provides little clue about the cure. Do you understand the drug interactions between drugs? What are the drug’s pathways through the body and how are those organs affected? What are the side effects? And more importantly – is your self diagnosis really what you have? Even more complicated are situations when you have two or more medical issues going on.

Many people can use the internet today to make financial calculations. But … what are the right numbers? How do those numbers interact? What are the assumptions hidden within the calculator (also known as … why do different calculators give different results with seemingly the same inputs?) Even more complicated … what if you have more than one goal? How do you decide on priorities? What are the side effects from your decisions?

You see … NONE of the questions above really asked anything about investing or portfolio allocation! As long as your allocation is within an efficient zone, then the decisions you make about the issues above have a great effect on successfully achieving your goal.

The value of a competent planner is that they know how to navigate the powerful forces the money exerts in people’s lives. They understand what you can, and cannot, control. They can help you set the sails in good, or bad, times.

What’s the Difference Between Planners?

More on value of planners.

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  1. Larry Frank, Sr. October 4, 2015 at 10:00 am #

    This article sums up the value of good planning by knowledgeable planners for the area of retirement income specifically (my specific specialization and research focus*)


    (copy and past the link text above if it doesn’t take you to the specific page).

    * http://www.betterfinancialeducation.com/larrys-contributions-retirement-research-body-knowledge


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