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Annuity. It is an insurance product.

Markets are getting long in the tooth. People are concerned a correction is due since a correction historically has typically happened by now.  Thus, nervous people remembering 2008, seek some way to protect their savings. One of those ways has been through an annuity of some kind issued by an insurance company. What people need […]

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Two views of retirement

Summary: Two schools of thought on retirement income.

Retirement income management boils down to basically two schools of thought … Probability Based School and the Safety First School. Wade Pfau has a summary on his blog, and I’ve written on the comparisons as well. Wade is an advocate of the Safety First School in general while I’m an advocate of the Probability Based […]

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How do you picture retirement?

Most people mentally picture getting to, and then through, retirement as a straightforward and linear path. Of course, that is desirable. But is this a realistic expectation? Some advisers may suggest the top path is possible by emphasizing “safety first.” This comes from Social Security and/or a pension (if you have one like your grandparents had). […]

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Variable Annuity

Variable annuities: Buyer beware

Many people are skittish about stock markets these days. They seek stock market returns without stock market risk. Insurance companies appear to offer this cake and ability to eat it too through Variable Annuity products. What about those guarantees from insurance companies that come with Variable Annuities? Variable annuities have a “real” account value and also […]

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