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1 C Retirement Distribution Process

How do Safe Withdrawal Rates compare to Dynamic Retirement Income?

This post will briefly discuss how Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) research compares to my joint research with collaborators which contributes to the Dynamic retirement income approach and school of thought which adjusts retirement income if need be (the other school of thought being Safety First which SWR fall into). The safe withdrawal rate (SWR) approach doesn’t explain how, […]

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Comparing Immediate Annuities with Managed Portfolios

Dr Wade Pfau made a video as part of the American College’s Wealth Channel series on our recent research working paper titled “Lifetime Expected Income Breakeven Comparison between SPIAs and Managed Portfolios” posted for download on SSRN. Direct to the blog and video link (3:40). Note: if you click photo … it will also take you to the […]

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Better Financial Education YouTube video

Here is a short video introducing briefly what Better Financial Education, my business, may do for you.   Also, the blog on my book Wealth Odyssey, which also has a YouTube video.   Note: Your RSS feed or email may not show the embedded part of this blog … please go to the blog website to see […]

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Retirement Income Schools of Thought (part 2)

I recently blogged about Two Retirement Income Schools of Thought, the Safety First School and the Probability Based School. The Probability School has two schools of thought developed within it as well. The first, or the original school which I will call the Static School, began with Bengen’s seminal work in the mid 90’s and many others have […]

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Consistent savings tops returns.

My popular blog demonstrating how making contributions is more important than returns is re-written as an article. You can’t grow anything until you plant the seeds. Many then assume the market through great returns are going to transform your seed into a great tree. Not so fast. First, you don’t control returns (even though many in the industry […]

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Your financial journey … Where are you? Where are you going?

Many people struggle with trying to develop a perspective on their finances. As a result, they only see money coming in and money going out. However, they miss the connections money has to what they are really trying to do with their lives. This is no fault of their own. Who’s going to teach them […]

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